$WAKU token is not yet minted. Beware of scams! Only a PRIVATE SALE is ongoing, more info HERE.

Protocol of Certification for a Secure Tokenized Future

A layer 1 protocol based on a new and decentralized consensus algorithm that issues certificates of authenticity for NFTs & RWAs to secure the Web3 ecosystem.


An infrastructure protocol that we will build together to secure the future of tokenized assets

Wakweli is the solution

What is Wakweli?

Through Blockchain and Web3

Wakweli is a revolutionary Web3 protocol based on a new and decentralized consensus algorithm called «Proof of Democracy (PoD)» that aims to certify the authenticity of any tokenized asset & real world asset.

The Wakweli certificates will ensure that the digital representation of the asset (off-chain or on-chain) is unique and genuine and that the same asset is not being represented by multiple tokens in multiple platforms.

Once the certificate is issued, the newly certified asset will display a tick mark (Wakweli Tick) which will be a symbol of trust and value among the community.

Wakweli is the solution

Why a LAYER-1?

Infrastructure Project

Our vision is simple: a trusted ecosystem across all industries, powered by blockchain technology. With our scalable Proof-of-Democracy (PoD) consensus algorithm, we meet the needs of the booming $16 billion tokenization market by 2030.

Asset certifications can be complex, requiring specialized skills and knowledge. Wakweli solves this by providing adaptable infrastructure and robust security for projects building their own certification platforms. Experience streamlined access to our certification mechanism, setting the standard for the future of asset tokenization.

For everyone

Use Cases

As an infrastructure protocol, Wakweli will provide many opportunities for new ideas and projects to be built upon it.

  • And so on…
NFT Marketplaces

Did you know that one of the leading NFT Marketplace confessed that 80% of the user-minted NFTs on their platforms are scams?

Certifying tokenized assets with Wakweli will not only secure NFTs Marketplaces by bringing trust to their users but will also drastically reduce the time and cost of verification of each listed asset.

Thanks to the Wakweli tick mark, users of the marketplaces will be able to quickly identify the real assets or collections they are interested in over scams.

Revolutionary Web3 protocol

How does it work?

Proof of Democracy

Certificate requests on the Wakweli network can be initiated by any $WAKUs holder.

A precise amount of $WAKUs will be staked in the request depending on the expected trust level for the certificate.

Elected certifiers will review the request and stake the same $WAKUs amount to validate it.

Based on his skills, personnal research and shared information from the requester, the certifier will be able to take his decision and validate or not the authenticity of the asset.

Once valid, certificates start to generate different rewards in $WAKU based on user roles (requester, certifier and elector)

Wakweli's community is incentivized to challenge doubtful certificates. Effective certificate slashes will interrupt $WAKU rewards, creating a system equilibrium that encourages telling the truth.





Wakweli is commited
To act as a trusted, reliable source
To increase transparency
To protect market players
To identify fraudulent activities
To keep decentralized economy safe
To advance knowledge
To provide guidance for users
To foster regulation awareness
To reward fair behaviors


The Unit of Trust

Token: $WAKU

Blockchain: Wakweli

Initial supply: 1 000 000 000

Protocol: Proof of Democracy (PoD)

Pre-Token: $KIWAKU

Blockchain: Ethereum

Initial supply: 1 000 000 000

Smart Contract: 0x5ff8a0a0...7453fad1

The energy of the protocol is driven by the $WAKU.

Tokens will be necessary to request, issue and challenge a certificate of authenticity.

Tokens will allow incentives and rewards for participants of the protocol who provide a real value in the ecosystem.




  • To send transactions on the Wakweli blockchain
  • To use DApps built on Wakweli
  • To request a certificate of authenticity
  • To elect Certifiers and Judges
  • To issue a certificate
  • To maintain the validity of a certificate on the Blockchain
  • To challenge a certificate
  • To reward Holders, Certifiers, Judges and Challengers for participating
  • To make a proposal for updates and features of the Wakweli Blockchain
  • To vote on proposals in the foundation's governance
  • To accord grants for builders on the Wakweli chain


Our roadmap outlines our vision for the development and implementation of Wakweli for 2023 and a glimpse of what’s to come in the future!

  • Whitepaper & Pitch deck
  • Proof-of-democracy concept
  • Seed sale launch
  • Creation of the team
S1 2022
  • Brand strategy
  • Tokenomics
  • Advisory board
  • Visual identity
  • Enhanced documentation
S2 2022
  • Seed sale closed
  • Strategic sale launch
  • Wakweli app demo release
  • Marketing strategy kickstart
  • Bootstrap partnerships
  • Ecosystem growth
S1 2023
  • Extend partnerships network
  • Refine game theory & simulations
  • Launch centralized testnet Wakweli app
  • Alpha preparation and testers onboarding
S2 2023
  • Launch centralized mainnet Wakweli app with value
  • On-chain protocol refinement
  • Internal Alpha Test
  • Community Sale
  • Alpha Test with 100 selected participants
  • Alpha Sale
  • End-of-Year Sale
  • Preparation of TGE and complementary funding round
S1 2024
  • Alpha 2.0 Opening
  • Chrome Extension Release
  • Extend Partnerships Network
  • Wakweli Foundation Creation
  • World Roadshow with Swiss Delegation (Tech4Trust)
S2 2024
  • Launchpads & Listing (TGE)
  • NFT Marketplaces Partnerships
  • Protocol Enrichments: Canary Version
  • Prototypes for New Sectors (RWA, ESGs)
  • Commercial Applications with Foundation Support
  • Integration of New Certification Frameworks
  • Protocol Enhancements

About Us

We aim to become the reference of trust of the decentralized ecosystem to preserve the tokenized assets market integrity and drive its liquidity.

Who we are

We are an international team passionate and driven by making a positive impact on the whole tokenized asset ecosystem. In the industry since 2015, we are thrilled to join our knowledge and strengths together to build something extraordinary.

Our Mission

We want to become the decentralized and cross-chain certification authority issuing a “certificate of authenticity” for any tokenized assets. We want to foster public confidence in tokenization by handling the trust issues of the web3 ecosystem in order to drive its mass adoption and thus, strengthen opportunities, investments and innovations.

Our Vision

We aim to become the reference of trust of the decentralized ecosystem to preserve the tokenized assets market integrity and drive its liquidity.

Our Values





Meet the Wakweli Team

  • Antoine Sarraute

    Antoine Sarraute


  • Shaban Shaame

    Shaban Shaame


  • Markéta Korteova

    Markéta Korteova


  • Audrey Faucher-Genest

    Audrey Faucher-Genest

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • David Malbo

    David Malbo

    Project Coordinator

  • Yéred Peronnet

    Yéred Peronnet

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Ted Bloquet

    Ted Bloquet

    Community Manager

  • Ali Anwar

    Ali Anwar

    Software Architect & Developer

  • Max-Florian Leroux

    Max-Florian Leroux

    Full Stack Developer

  • André Bezerra

    André Bezerra

    Back-end Developer

  • Ranjit Singh Nagi

    Ranjit Singh Nagi

    Blockchain Developer

See our Advisors

  • Sébastien Borget

    Sébastien Borget

    The Sandbox

    COO & Co-Founder

  • Aleksandar Mitrovic

    Aleksandar Mitrovic

    Unique Network

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Jean-Henry Morin

    Jean-Henry Morin

    University of Geneva

    Associate Professor

  • Chantal Läng

    Chantal Läng

    Blockchain Teacher

    CEO & Founder

  • Trang Fernandez-Leenknecht

    Trang Fernandez-Leenknecht

    Holistik - Wealth planning

    Founding Partner, Tax & Legal

  • Wassim Khamlichi

    Wassim Khamlichi

    Union Bancaire Privée

    Wealth Manager

  • Caroline Morcillo

    Caroline Morcillo

    Plastic and applied arts

    Artists Onboarding Advisor

  • Marc Coupal

    Marc Coupal


    Business Development Manager

  • Nicolas Pouard

    Nicolas Pouard


    VP, Strategic Innovation Lab

  • Jean-Raphaël Sauvonnet

    Jean-Raphaël Sauvonnet

    Raize Partners


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